About Us

The mission and vision of EZ Pte Ltd is very simple.

Maintaining a high level of integrity at all times
We adhere to strict rules in terms of running our business. this is to ensure that we deal with each and every moneylending accounts in our hands as professionally and efficiently as possible. We understand that the more efficient and proficient we are at handling out moneylending accounts, the more trust you, as a consumer, will have in us.

Adapting to customers’ needs accordingly
Regardless of whether you’re a individual moneylending consumer or a business needing moneylending facilities, our focus is in understanding your needs and structuring our packages to suit you!

Confidentiality of applications
Information and personal details of our moneylending customers will NEVER be revealed. Your information will never be revealed to any third parties without your direct consent. Here, at EZ Pte Ltd, your trust and confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Absolute convenience
The team of people behind us works tirelessly to ensure that the process of obtaining a moneylending facility with us is seamless and convenient. This is an unbending philosophy and corporate principle that we will never compromise.

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